Species Identification Guide

We know it can be difficult for even the most experienced shots to identify animals, particularly in low-light conditions. When you are not sure what you’re looking at, you may pass up a great shot. 


This guide is designed to take the mystery out of identifying animals.  A few minutes scanning these photos can make your time in the field a whole lot more fun.

Black Boar Ranch
Sika Buck and Doe
Red Stag
Osceola Turkey
Whitetail Deer
Male Nigali Antelope
Herd of Axis Deer
Florida Scrub Jay
Florida Panther Cub
Fallow Deer
Gopher Turtle
Sika Buck
American Alligator
Pere David's Deer
Herd of Black Buck Antelope
Water Buck
Black Boar
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Male Nigali Antelope