About Us

Black Boar Ranch started as a private hunting estate and, over time, took several outside groups on as guests. We now offer the staff to cater from two people to groups up to 12. Black Boar Ranch offers continuous entertainment with skeet, fishing, shooting, archery, golf and many other activities for guests enjoy. To provide our guests the most enjoyable visit, we only host one group at a time.


This ranch is also home to many endangered species native to the South Florida landscape such as panther, bear, gopher turtles and several species of birds. Become familiar with the many kinds of wildlife and exotic animals roaming their natural habitats by checking our Species Identification Guide

Our Ranch Manager, Cliff Coleman, has over 15 years of experience working at Black Boar Ranch and will be your host during your stay.

The Black Boar Ranch Experience

"After about ten years of hunting and enjoying Black Boar I thought I would send you this little note and let you know just how special your facility is to us. My wife and I were going thru recent pictures of our last Black Boar hunt and it seemed only right to take a second and tell you, CJ, and the rest of the staff what an incredible facility you have and what an incredible job you do. 

As you know, I own my own private high end 4700 acre hunting facility in SC. I have spent my entire adult life being involved with wildlife, quality wildlife habitat, ethical hunting, and entertaining member hunters. We are great at what we do, but I think you guys even do it better.

Every year for about the last ten years, after we wrap up our season I bring some of my family, friends, and even members to your fine facility to hunt, relax and enjoy a wonderful time.  My wife and daughter can’t wait to get to Black Boar every year. You and CJ make them feel so special it makes it very difficult for me when I get them back home. They love your beautiful accommodations and how clean everything is. They also love being able to see so much wildlife and then being able to come back relax and eat plenty of great food.

Please know your attention to detail and customer service has not gone unnoticed and it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work and we will see you next year!!"

                                               - Stu Lewis, Owner, Cedar Ridge Plantation

"If you are looking for an unforgettable hunting experience in South Florida, look no further than Black Boar Ranch. The diversity and abundance of game, ranging from trophy wild boar and axis deer to blackbuck and nilgai antelope, ensures there is something for every hunter. Guests also are treated to first-class accommodations, scrumptious meals and a professional staff that cater to your every need.  This is not your typical commercial hunting operation but rather a unique, high-ambiance outdoor experience you and your guests will not soon forget."

                                               - Brian Murphy, CEO, Deer Management Association

"I recommend BBR to anyone wanting to enjoy the beauty of the Florida outdoors with a group of business associates or friends.  Whether you're interested in meeting all day, hunting, fishing in the canal, wing shooting, or simply watching the plentiful game at BBR, the staff and accommodations are first class and attentive to every detail to ensure a successful outing.  I have had the good fortune to host multiple groups at BBR and will certainly be back in the future!"

                                               - Tony Gann, Regional Vice President, Altec Industries Inc.

"Recently our leadership team was reflecting on our very successful meetings at Black Boar Ranch. When

the subject was first discussed there was skepticism. Well, everyone had a great time, whether an

experienced outdoorsman or not. Your unique setting is perfect for business meetings. The environment levels the playing field and puts all at ease. The accommodations are top shelf and the food is awesome. The animals are amazing, whether for viewing or hunting. Thanks for being such great hosts, we will see you again next year!"

                                             - Greg Odhner, Senior Vice President, Aspen Grove Landscape Group